Several NOWBs indicated a need for classification for NEW players who could potentially be selected for their national team if a classification opportunity was able to take place prior to the Games. Therefor this tournament is appointed as official classification possibility by the IWBF.

How to do that?

Get in touch with IWBF and inform them about which of the following option you’d like to join the tournament combined with classification.

Option A: mixed international team

Creation of an “international mixed team” (by nationality and gender) who will participate as a team in the tournament structure.

This option is dependent on the number of new players who register to participate for classification purposes. If there are up to 12 players a complete team would be formed, anything between 5 – 7 a team would be formed, and the remaining spots would be filled with local players.


The “international mixed team” would be appointed the necessary dedicated team staff such as team manager, coach and physiotherapist.

Option B: mixed local clubteam / Team NL juniors

Integration of new players in a participating (local) team.

An option if there are between 1-4 new player(s) registered for the event. The player(s) would be integrated into a local team/Team NL juniors.

Option C: full national team

Participate as part of National Team

If the National Team of the new player(s) participates in the tournament the player(s) can play as part of this team.